Thursday, June 6, 2013

Basic Phrases

Good morning, how are you today? : Bonzur ki nuvel zordi?

Welcome to our class. Bienveni dan nu la klas.

Hello what is your name? Bonzur, kuma to apele?

Excuse me, in which direction is the office? Exkiz mwa dan ki direksyon biro ete?

Could you show me where the toilet are? Eski to capav montre mwa kot bann twalet ete?

What afternoon activity are you interested in? Ki aktivite lapre midi ki interes twa?

Who is the director of the school? Ki senla direkter lecol?

Please place your books in your cubby at the end of the row. Met to bann lyvr dan to kazie dan dernie ranze sil te ple.

Homework needs to be handed in on a Friday. Bizin rann devoir vendredi.

The teacher said that we should not leave scrap paper on the floor. Profeser inn dir ki nu bizin zet papir amba.

I love you : Mo Contant Twa.

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