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Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Mauritian song performed by Mamie Clown

The    title of this song is : " 5 rps Baja"

Is Mauritian Creole a dying language?

There is no official language in Mauritius. Government work is written in English. The media use French. Most people understand more French than English. The majority of people understand a Creole language. Schools are encouraged to teach Mauritian Creole. Mauritian Creole is not a dying language.

Why you should learn Mauritian Creole

I think that you should Know Mauritian Creole because if you go to Mauritius you need to know basic phrases. Or if you want to have a business at Mauritius you need to know Mauritian Creole. Creole itself is an interesting language. Why not learn Creole for fun!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Basic Phrases

Good morning, how are you today? : Bonzur ki nuvel zordi?

Welcome to our class. Bienveni dan nu la klas.

Hello what is your name? Bonzur, kuma to apele?

Excuse me, in which direction is the office? Exkiz mwa dan ki direksyon biro ete?

Could you show me where the toilet are? Eski to capav montre mwa kot bann twalet ete?

What afternoon activity are you interested in? Ki aktivite lapre midi ki interes twa?

Who is the director of the school? Ki senla direkter lecol?

Please place your books in your cubby at the end of the row. Met to bann lyvr dan to kazie dan dernie ranze sil te ple.

Homework needs to be handed in on a Friday. Bizin rann devoir vendredi.

The teacher said that we should not leave scrap paper on the floor. Profeser inn dir ki nu bizin zet papir amba.

I love you : Mo Contant Twa.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Few Grammar Rules

Mauritian Creola has two kinds of articles and two kinds of demonstrative
  • Articles: La (the) and en (a)
  • Demonstratives: sa (this) and san (that)

In English you use "will" to express the future. In Mauritian creole you use pu to express the future.

Eg: Nu  pu      envit  zot   pu  mariaz.
      'We will invite them for the wedding.' 

Monday, June 3, 2013

Interesting Grammar Snippets

Mauritian creole's grammar pattern is SVO which stands for Subject, Verb, Object.

Eg.    : I am lost : Mo finn perdi mo sime

  •  Mo: S
  • finn perdi: V
  • mo sime: O
MC allows multiple negation

Eg. : Oken lisyen pa fin mord oken  sat : no dog bite no cat

Countries that Mauritian Creole is poken In

The only place where Mauritian Creole is spoken is Mauritius.

History of The Speaker of Mauritius

  • 1512 : Portuguese found Mauritius 
  • 1598: The Dutch took possession of the Island and named it Mauritius after Maurice of Nascau
  • 1715:  The French claimed Mauritius and named it Ile de France
  • 1727-1730: The Slave population in Mauritius grew from 30 to 100,000 people. mainly, they come from Madagascar and East Africa 
  • 1835: Very many indentured laborers from India came to Mauritius 
  • 1865: Descendants of Indian indentured laborers made up 2/3 of the Island's population
  • 1865: Mauritius became  a republic within the Commonwealth and became a republic on March 12, 1992.
Maurice of Nascau

 Indenture laborers  contract

Friday, May 31, 2013

Origin of the Language

Mauritian  Creole is a French-based creole . It is a mixture of French, African, Malagasy and Indian languages. But it is mostly based on French.
Mauritian creole originates in the 1700s when slaves and indentured servants were taken from Madagascar, East Africa and India to work in Mauritius.